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Wednesday 18 October 2017
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SiMedix® is the first Product of APZ Sharif in Virtual Reality Simulation field. SiMedix® is a high-end virtual reality simulator for Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery training.

To permit training of anterior segment surgery, the SiMedix® platform is equipped with a cataract eye interface, cataract instrument set, and foot pedals. Trainees see the intraocular surgical field through the operating microscope. The view is in stereo and offers realistic depth of field. Focus and zoom can be altered by using the microscope foot pedal. The instrument handpieces are inserted through incisions in the model eye. The cataract patient model head can be operated on from a temporal or superior position.

new design of SiMedix

Figure 1- First and new design of SiMedix

subsystem- of- SiMedix

Figure 2- Subsystems of SiMedix

1- Training Modules

The SiMedix® cataract training modules offer an immersive simulation environment for training of critical surgical steps. Complex interaction between instruments, discrete tissue and intraocular structures can be experienced in real time. Available surgery training modules include capsulorhexis, phaco and irrigation/aspiration as well as complications management. Abstract simulation tasks aim at refining basic skills such as microscope handling, proper pivoting at the incision, and understanding of spatial boundaries.


Figure 3- Cataract Training Madules of SiMedix

2- Phaco Machine and Instruments

During virtual surgery, cataract instruments such as forceps, visco cannula, cystotome, and phaco probe are available. Just as in real surgery, carefully instrument movements are required to avoid undue wound stress, loss of viscoelastic, or diminished red reflex. SiMedix® provides an OR machine interface and a two-axis phaco foot pedal to control fluidics. Trainees must select appropriate phaco parameters in order to safely and effectively complete a surgical procedure.


​​Figure 3- Cataract Training Madules of SiMedix

3- Courseware

SiMedix® provides a structured and ready-to-use training curriculum, which combines training of basic skills with training of actual surgical procedures in a consecutively structured course design. The courseware consists of courses with ascending levels of difficulty and allows residents to practice at a level appropriate for their current ability. To advance through a course, trainees must meet a required performance level on each task.

training courses-simedix

​​Figure 4- Training Courses of SiMedix

4-Evidence-Based Assessment

The SiMedix® provides objective assessment of the surgical performance and detailed skill evaluation. Various parameters relating to instrument and microscope handling, surgical efficiency and tissue treatment are recorded by the system. At the end of each task, the trainee is presented with a performance summary based on these parameters. The data is stored in a database for further analysis. SiMedix®’s documentation of surgical abilities over time allows educators to keep track of individual learning curves.

Evaluation of Skill-simedix

​​Figure 5- SiMedix Skill Evaluation

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