What is OpSim?

OpSim is our spectacular ophthalmic surgical simulator, closest to reality, design, and manufacture to help ophthalmology residents to operate in a realistic environment also keep patients out of operating rooms. It covers two kinds of surgery, anterior and posterior segment surgeries.


Advantages of practicing by an eye surgery simulator

Taking the patient out of training procedure

  • Reducing the risk of malpractices for patients
  • High reliability for the training of eye surgeries
  • Performing eye surgeries individually or under the supervision of a mentor
  • Repeatable training

Expertise as a consequence of experience

  • Training primary skills to beginners such as utilizing microscope, hand-pieces…
  • Training basic surgical methods to special surgical techniques
  • Progress evaluation
  • Learning complex surgical techniques step by step

Life-like environment for optimum learning

  • Preparing life-like simulation to perform eye surgery
  • Learning different styles to approach the eye by a human head model
  • High fidelity simulation of the eye interior environment
  • High fidelity modeling of stereo microscope

Realistic modeling of OR machine and instruments

  • Availability of eye surgery hand-pieces such a forceps, cystotome, phaco instrument, etc.
  • Realistic modeling of surgical fluids eye pressure plus red reflex
  • Life-like OR machine interface and functions

Why simulators?

Medical simulators allow trainees to practice what to do in complex situations and give them the best possible opportunity of enhancing skills and reducing medical malpractices. particularly with the help of simulators, residents can experience dangerous conditions without putting the patient in danger.

 Also, simulators have proven far more efficient in the amount and retention of knowledge versus conventional classroom teaching:

  • Ability to practice risky scenarios in a safe environment
  • Enhanced knowledge retention by more exercising
  • Reporting in a more comprehensive consistent and objective form
  • Demonstration of everything students have learned

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