Training Environment

SiMedix Device offers a highly lifelike training environment without risk to patients. The Simulator integrates all aspects of a real operation scenario. A global community of hospitals and universities have come to embrace this efficient way of training.

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Expert surgical performance can be gained through intense practice and simulated environment. The training curriculum ُSiMedix Courseware permits independent and repetitive practice of isolated steps, which leads trainees step-by-step to proficiency in cataract surgery.

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SiMedix device provides trainees with immediate, competency-based performance feedback after each task, so that they can systematically improve their skills. The feedback contains various parameters relating to instrument handling and surgical efficiency.

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Surgery Simulator

The SiMedix Simulator is a technically mature training system for eye surgery. Unexperienced surgeons who trained on SiMedix Surgical have lower complication rates during intraocular surgery than peers who did not have the opportunity.

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Virtual Reality brings

Eye Surgery Simulator

Made by SiMedix

We are proud that our product is taken into consideration by experts

Ophthalmologists Opinions About SiMedix

Dr. M. A. Javadi

"There is a need for eye surgery simulator in all of ophthalmology educational centers and I recommend SiMedix."

Dr. M. Zare

"The existence of an Iranian prototype eye surgery simulator, called SiMedix,will be very beneficial to ophthalmology educational centers. "

Dr. H. M. Rabie

"Surely, Simedix is an innovative medical simulator and thetrainees can be trained with more relaxation."

Dr. S. Feyzi

"By practicing surgical skills with SiMedix, the success rate of the surgical operation will be increased."

What you need to know:

SiMedix® is a high-end virtual reality (VR) simulator for Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery training.

Quality is our Goal.

Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments

Simulator handpieces looks like sergical instruments

Interface Head

Interface Head

The patients' head maquette for learning doctors' hands during surgery

Control Touch Screen

Control Touch Screen

Control monitor for observe surgical process by supervisor

Stereo Vision System

Stereo Vision System

Adjustable stereo vision system designed for microscope to achive comfortable feeling during surgery


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