Brand Introduction

Training is not always complicated. You can have the skills as simple as possible by using VR technology and we have provided this opportunity for you!

SiMedix is a hi-tech pioneer ACCELERATOR that has a particular role in the Education system, Healthcare, Behavior therapy, Psychological matters, etc. that facilitates the complicated tasks of the real world by VR technology.


SiMedix was established in 2010 in Tehran, Iran. The company’s origin goes back to when SiMedix was just a startup idea, then by presenting the first product to the market, it got warmly welcomed which is one of the reasons for leading the SiMedix to be a well-known company in the VR technology field.

Our Team

Our team consists of about 50 qualified personnel, including medical doctors, engineers, technicians, marketing team, etc. with the highest level of education. Our company has captured the whole Iranian market, besides.


our main vision generally is to play a massive role in the global market. The principle of SiMedix is to prepare the candidate in the most correct way to be considered as an experienced person in the real-life with a piece of superior knowledge.

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