What is PM?

One of the uses of virtual reality in medicine is to reduce pain. PM uses VR technology to help patients relax and increase their pain-relieving strength without painkillers. Patients enter the three-dimensional world by wearing virtual reality glasses and can walk, paint and listen to music. Methods of distraction, such as the use of 3D glasses in VR, are effective and even better than drug methods. PM can help decrease pain by more than 70%, and in some cases, it has even been found to have a similar or even better effect than morphine. For example, sufferers who endure chronic pain, such as severe, unbearable migraines, can experience deeper relaxation by VR technology or in dental surgeries, people use VR and manage their pain. This experience can also provide a better opportunity for physicians and medical staff to perform their treatment in a better environment and focus more on medication.


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